Silver Birch Shepherds Huts

Silver Birch Shepherds Huts

Silver Birch Shepherds Huts
Silver Birch Shepherds Huts
Bespoke Sheperds Huts Built for You

My name is Paul Davies and I have lived in the beautiful countryside of North Herefordshire practically all my life.

After spending almost 30 years as a self-employed general builder I decided a couple of years ago that I needed a slightly easier and more fulfilling way of life.

With that in mind I took on a small woodworking shop, as I have always enjoyed working with wood, on an old redundant dairy farm near Weobley (BBC’s The One Show quintessential English village!)

Silver Birch Shepherds Huts was borne out of my love of old farming ways, rural folk history and a yen for a bygone age soon to be forgotten!

About my Huts:

Having toured around local shows and steam rallies for a number of years with my vintage tractor and trailers, laden with my large and ever growing collection of all things vintage farming, I then decided I would like to travel further afield. So I set about building myself a copy of a Victorian working shepherds hut, albeit on a fast road towable modern trailer chassis.

After about three months of part time work I was ready for my first local show! ‘Well lo and behold other people liked what I had created as well‘, within three hours of being there I had sold a hut to a wonderful local family who loved what I was trying to achieve. Well the rest as they say is history!

The huts are built individually by me and there will never be two the same! My speciality though is simple, traditional and timeless huts that are both practical and beautiful! They will sit just as well in your garden as in open rolling countryside surrounded by sheep!!
Standard hut size is 7ftx12ft but this can be adjusted to suit your own requirements

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Silver Birch Shepherds Huts